Owner of AfterEllen Website Block PinkNews For Supporting Trans Inclusive Pride

“Blocking you” AfterEllen tweeted in response to Pink News Posting a photo stating “Transphobia Has No Place in Pride.”

PinkNews endured a barrage of transphobic abuse after covering the alleged attack that Anti-Trans radical activist Julie Bindel claimed had occurred outside Edinburgh University last week where she had participated in a panel discussion. Bindel took to twitter to tell the story, back-peddling on several key details which led some to question the accuracy of the events she detailed. When PinkNews reached out to Bindel to seek clarity for the purpose of reporting the incident via their website, she responded to the inquiry by saying, “I despise your woman-hating, anti-lesbian rag, and would rather give Donald Trump a massage than speak to you.

The individual that Bindel accused first of physically attacking her before redacting the statement and changing it to a verbal attack with a “lunge” identifies as transgender. Of course, Bindel was less concerned over having been attacked, be it verbally or physically, and more invested in amplifying the message that it had been a trans person who did it. This inevitably resulted in an onslaught of transphobic attacks across social media from her followers and fellow Trans exclusionary radical feminists, many whose common practice is harassing, bullying, threatening and degrading non cisgender people online. Bindel’s story was a dog whistle.

As Bindel’s audience unleashed a relentless barrage of insults toward the entire trans community and Pink News, Pink News responded first by explaining that their intention was not to offend Bindel, but to report factually on her attack.

After offering up the explanation to quell Bindel’s legions of angry fans, PinkNews then posted the meme in support of the trans community.

This is when the popular website, AfterEllen.com, a once powerful media ally that reported issues across the spectrum of gender and sexuality and promoted tolerance and inclusion although their core mission- undeniably one of vital importance- was to signal boost the issues effecting lesbian and bisexual women, decided to respond to PinkNew’s trans supportive tweet by blocking them.

I have followed AfterEllen.com for years, as well as it’s companion site for gay and bisexual men, AfterElton.com. The former has changed ownership multiple times in the past few years, and it appears evident their values have changed also. AfterEllen has come under fire multiple times for pushing a dangerous anti-trans agenda. LGBT Nation even dubbed the site a “Transphobic Haven.” In December of last year, a collective of women from other publications, both writers and editors alike, broke ranks with AfterEllen to condemn their transphobic stance. In February. OUT magazine ran a piece that summed up the reckless and irresponsible reporting conducted by AfterEllen.

“AfterEllen was once a behemoth in the queer media space, focusing on lesbian and bisexual women’s representation in film and television, but it has recently moved into a new sphere. These days, the site runs articles about the vagaries of “girl dick” (in other words, the genitals of some trans women), claims that young cisgender lesbians are being bullied online for not wanting to have sex with trans women, and makes calls to separate the “L” from the larger LGBTQ+ initialism out of a desire to no longer be associated with trans people. The new AfterEllen has made its stance crystal clear: Trans people are not welcome.” — OUT Magazine

Founded by Sarah Warn and Lori Grant in 2002, AfterEllen was a pioneer in media that centralized it’s focus on LGBT issues, both culturally and politically. Along with AfterElton, in a package deal, the websites were acquired by the LogoTV in 2006. In 2014, Evolve Media purchased AfterEllen from the parent company of Logo, Viacom Media Networks.

In the last change of ownership, Lesbian Nation, a multimedia company owned by Memoree Joelle and business partner Gaye Chapman, purchased AfterEllen, but not it’s companion website, on March 1, 2019.

No one expected that Joelle and Chapman would use the platform to promote divisive and damaging rhetoric, especially encouraging trans exclusion and erasure from Pride events and campaigns for equality. Unfortunately, it seems that was exactly what Joelle intended to do- cause further harm to the trans community leveraging her readership.

The backlash against AfterEllen.com and Joelle was swift as once supportive readers of the website and social media users refused to co-sign the proselytizing of intolerance and discrimination, especially today, when the climate toward the entirety of the LGBTQ community is not just hostile, but deadly.

All of this comes on the heels of AfterEllen, just last week, endorsing a film called “The Lavender Scare” which is a virtual re-imaging of the Stonewall Riots and told from a revisionist perspective that explicitly washes any Trans involvement from the historic movement that led to the first all-inclusive Pride- a campaign that was spearheaded by transgender women, including Marsha P. Johnson, Sylvia Rivera and Miss Major, the latter who was in the Stonewall Inn meeting with a girlfriend when the bar was raided. Rivera and Johnson were also undeniably formative in the Pride events we celebrate today according to archivists, historians and testimonies from those who were directly involved in the violence on that pivotal night in Greenwich Village on June 28th, 1969. The film, advertised as a documentary, can best be described as a intentional distortion of the facts to serve the purpose of reducing trans visibility and their impact.

According to The Smithsonian:

“This first generation of Pride marches were more inclusive than any before. Participants donned big wigs and kissed their partners. Whereas transgender people were excluded from the Reminder marches, the Street Transvestites Action Revolutionaries (STAR), an early transgender organization launched by Stonewall protestors Sylvia Rivera and Marsha P. Johnson, formed a significant contingent on Christopher Street Liberation Day. A new era had begun.”

Two trans women of color were instrumental in Pride as we know it. We cannot let hate delivered from within our own community suppress the facts in an effort to justify their prejudices.

To preserve history and honor the two remarkable transwomen to whom we owe so much, New York City is erecting a monument to these trailblazers which will be unveiled in 2020.

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Model Munroe Bergdorf Sees Partnership with Children’s Service Ruined by Transphobic Times…

Model Munroe Bergdorf Sees Partnership with Children’s Service Ruined by Transphobic Times Journalist

Janice Turner campaigned to have the transgender model removed from the campaign advocating child safety by falsely claiming she is a porn star.

I’ve had my fair share of dueling with The Times over their blatant and aggressive transphobic views that they place into circulation. Debbie Hayton, a transgender woman who opposes transgender women —

you probably need to read that again, I’ll wait….

Debbie Hayton, a transgender woman who writes weekly columns for The Times in which she declares her loyalty to hate groups like Mumsnet, accuses transgender women of being violent and argues that we should not be allowed to self-ID, medically support transgender children or be allowed in women’s spaces is the tent-pole of The Time transphobia. They use her to validate their hate and believe if transphobia comes from Hayton instead of a cisgender writer, more people will consume it. Of course, Hayton has been hailed as a “Common sense” trans person, although the fanbase she has aggregated still loathe her existence but merely tolerate her as long as she continues to espouse hatred from within her own community.

Sadly, Debbie is just one weapon in their arsenal of journalists whose bias is evident on every page. In April, The Times was slammed by Trans activists for publishing four extremely transphobic articles, back to back, targeting transgender youth. One such article deemed trans children an “Experiment” just days after a trans child had been beaten and left with a concussion.

Katherine O’Donnell, a former editor of the Scottish edition of the Times, sued the publication for discrimination. O’Donnell, who worked for The Times for over 14 years, had recently transitioned when she suddenly found herself the subject of bullying and harassment while refused access to promotions and pay increase opportunities. She disclosed to Buzzfeed the terrifying rhetoric toward transgender subjects of their reporting, including blaming victims of murder for their “Lifestyle choice.”

This is echoed in how The Times has given seemingly infinite column space to anyone willing to characterize the transgender community as dangerous, oppressive, threatening to women or the rights of others. It is hate-speech parading as legitimate news.

Image result for The times Transphobia

This is just a modest sampling of the content that The Times publishes.

It shouldn’t have come as a surprise when transphobic Times journalist Janice Turner, attacked the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC) for enlisting the help of Munroe Bergdorf, a leading activist with an enormously successful career, to join their awareness initiative. Bergdorf, the first trans model to grace a L’Oreal campaign, speaks openly, honestly and without apologizing. To have a transwoman of color possess such a platform and use it to speak truth to power is vital in this era of rampant racism and deadly transphobia. Across the UK recently, trans children have come under attack by many high profile commentators across social media. Pseudo celebrities who accrue millions of followers by creating social discord that encourages violence toward their target, usually a minority. Graham Lineham spearheaded a movement that cruelly attempted to block £500,000 in funding by the British National Lottery to Mermaids, a charity that helps trans children and their families. We need people who will contrast this hatred. Munroe Bergdorf is the perfect candidate

She’s a role model.

Except, Times writer Janice Turner would prefer you to believe she is a “porn model” instead.

Janice Turner also dedicates much of her own social media to fostering intolerance toward LGBTQ people and disparages corporations or companies that support the community:

When the NSPCC solicited the help of Bergdorf to create a campaign that broadened the scope of their efforts to visibly include LGBTQ children in their services and messaging, it seemed like the perfect fit. According to Bergdorf, they filmed and photographed promotional material which NSPCC had published…

… Until they unceremoniously severed ties with the model after Turner blew a dog whistle that resulted in waves unnecessary outrage. She achieved this by lying. Bergdorf has never done porn and defended herself on on twitter;

In response, the NSPCC wrote a scathing statement regarding their relationship with Bergdorf, assuring critics that “She will have no ongoing relationship with Childline or the NSPCC.” They go on to say that they “Do not support, endorse or authorize any personal statements made by any celebrities who contribute to campaigns.

Bizarrely, they make it sound as if Bergdorf committed some horrible trespass or somehow brought shame or embarrassment to the campaign and organizations involved. Except she didn’t. Their entire rebuttal is framed as damage control while throwing Bergdorf under the bus… and all this because of The Times journalist and her public transgender tantrum.

To be clear, the safety and security of children is paramount, including those kids who don’t fit into the personal world view of Janice Turner, Debbie Hayton or The Times, but that seems to be the only ones who NSPCC is willing to readily serve for fear of risking retaliation by these bigots with a byline. But, central to this issue isn’t the bigotry demonstrated by the Times. That’s been ongoing relentlessly for years. It isn’t the grotesque, humiliating treatment of Munroe Bergdorf whose intentions to support the campaign have been distorted and her involvement maligned.

It is the children.

The children who deserve protection and advocacy whether they are gay, lesbian, bisexual, questioning or transgender. These are the most vulnerable to social violence and family abuse. Equal representation of all types of people in this diverse world gives these children a reflection of themselves. The value of having access to someone who looks like you, has shared similar experiences or simply gives a word of encouragement is valuable to those who feel alone, isolated and alienated, often having been vilified even before puberty by the Janice Turners and Debbie Haytons of the world.

I appreciate the support NSPCC provides to children, but after this, I cannot, with any confidence, give the many families, teenagers and parents of trans children that I interface with any assurance that they will not experience discrimination while in their care. How they have misrepresented a transgender woman, their relationship and withdrew their support when challenged by perpetrators of hate provides no service to kids. Or anyone.

But it certainly makes clear where they stand.

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Anti Trans Radical Feminist Julie Bindel Accuses A Trans Person of Assault

Julie Bindel has made a successful career of demonizing transgender women across the entire United Kingdom.

In fact, she has previously been banned from speaking at the University of Manchester due to the hateful rhetoric that she routinely espouses toward the transgender community, mostly transwomen who she aggressively opposes their participation in the feminist movement and refers to as “Men disposing of their genitals.”

It was after a speaking engagement at Edinburgh University that Bindel alleges the sudden and violent attack on her person took place by a transgender woman, Cathy Brennan. Bindel characterized the altercation by saying: “He ran right at me, was inches away from me. His fists were raised and his face was twisted with hatred and anger,” Bindel told The Londoner.

However, problems immediately arose regarding the credibility of Bindel’s story. First she alleged the attack happened at the airport. She did leave the speaking engagement 10 minutes early, according to several accounts, to catch a plane. However, she corrected that later, claiming it happened outside the University, not the airport, and her initial tweet had been a typo.

Bindel claims crowds had gathered outside the building to protest her participation in the event. Even prior to her arrival, members of the student community and staff had circulated a petition that amassed nearly 1,400 signatures condemning it as transphobic. Despite the controversy, the event took place at the Edinburgh University Moray House on June 5th. Bindel appeared as scheduled but asserts that the protesters had mostly cleared except for Brennan; “He was obviously waiting for me.

Bindel alleged that she had been “Physically attacked” by Brennan, but walked that back later, reframing it as a verbal assault and a “lunge” instead.

Cathy Brennan told a different story on twitter, confessing that she indeed “Lost her sh*t at JB (Julie Bindel)” and says that Bindel filmed her during the altercation. “She filmed me. I’m safe.”

A film has not yet surfaced.

Both Brennan and Bindel agree that Edinburgh University Security intervened but Brennan maintains she “…Did not raise a fist,” as Bindel accused. Brennan also admits she attempted to confront Bindel by “….push(ing) past security so I could speak face to face with a person who has caused great harm to trans people across this country.”

Bindel wouldn’t say whether she opted to file a report with authorities, telling Pink News, a popular LGBT News outlet instead, “I despise your woman-hating, anti-lesbian rag, and would rather give Donald Trump a massage than speak to you” when they sought clarification on her allegations.

Bindel did, however, take the matter to twitter, where she blew her dog whistle and sent the throngs of Anti-trans radical feminists who consume her hatred on a days long warpath against transgender women. They proceeded to harass, misgender and even declare transgender women responsible for ALL violence toward women.

The problem here doesn’t seem to be violence, as it appears none occurred. It does seem that Bindel was shouted at and verbally accosted- just like most transgender women are every single day, both in person and on social media. This observation is not to excuse Brennan, who, according to past tweets alleged to belong to her, has advocated for violence toward TERFs.

There is an ironic commonality between Bindel and Brennan.


Bindel, and others like her that have invested years challenging the existence of transgender women, dehumanizing them, accusing them of being impostors or sexually threatening toward women and even attempting to erase lesbianism are responsible for radicalizing those fighting against that grotesque characterization and who experience trauma as a result. The rise in transgender targeted harassment and vilification has eroded the mental health of many trans people who feel defenseless against the lies and misinformation espoused by radicals who aggregate large audiences that consume their bias and bigotry as gospel. It results in transgender people feeling isolated, unsafe and angry- Bizarrely, the same emotional consequence that Bindel claims to have had as a result of transwomen existing in her space… and even cisgender men who she has said she wants to see locked away in concentration camps…

Bindel wants to encourage her base to deny transgender women the right to thrive as they are.

Transwomen want Bindel to leave them alone instead of launching a constant barrage of baseless, unprovoked attacks that impact their safety and health as she tours the country in an effort to weaponize the law and influence greater society against them to suit her narrow world view.

Bindel also weaponizes her sexual identity to malign transgender women who also identify as lesbian by denying them the right to declare their own orientation. She dubs any critics and those who accept transwomen as lesbians as “Lesbian hating” and postures herself as a representative and defender of all lesbians while convincing them that they’re all at risk or in immediate danger due to Transgender women having equal rights. She incites unnecessary panic and inevitably causes more transwomen to be harassed and abused.

Let’s be clear, Bindel was not confronted because she is a lesbian and those who make inquiry into her claims are not misogynistic or homophobic. Her sexuality is altogether irrelevant. The truth of what occurred is, since violence is a crime, is massively relevant.

Contrastly, so is her dangerous rhetoric that incites violence toward transwomen — because they are trans — that is relevant. The fact that she was attacked, if indeed she was must be addressed. But, that she so heavily emphasizes her own sexual orientation or the gender identity of the transwoman she accuses demonstrates a greater agenda than simply holding an assailant accountable for violence. Bindel was attempting leverage this, true or not, as an opportunity to stir even more ire toward the transgender community.

While violence is never an acceptable means of resolve, it would be negligent to pretend that we don’t know how we got to this place of such discord. According to Reuters, hate crimes against the LGBT community have risen 28% since 2017. Despite pushback from a younger, more progressive generation, paragons of anti-trans hate keep rising to national attention.

In Washington D.C., British Anti-Trans activist Posey Parker stormed into the offices of Sarah McBride, the National Press Secretary for the Human Rights Campaign. They intimidated her, accused her of atrocious acts and forced a camera into her face. McBride responded;

McBride’s attacker is still campaigning across the UK and Ireland to encourage others to reject transgender women — and even worse, to deny trans children access to medical care.

The rhetoric is not new, but instead, sadly, more amplified than ever before. Bindel is not alone, entire organizations like Womens Place UK devote large sums of money to anti-trans initiatives and frame their efforts as protecting women against abuse and sex discrimination… by manufacturing the myth that it is perpetuated by transgender women. Their primary target and exhaustive talking point is discrediting transwomen as women and, like Bindel, claiming the existence of transgender people threatens them or makes them vulnerable to sexual assault. It’s a reach, certainly, but they’ve scared enough women into aligning themselves with their mission by misleading them into the belief that Transwomen want to rape them.

This is our sad reality as transgender women. While I will never defend violence and am given hope by the fact that I am fortunate enough to have many kind, accepting lesbian friends who I celebrate, I know that far too many transwomen are afraid of TERFs, afraid of being labeled misogynist if they defend themselves against hatred, afraid of being deemed homophobic if they reject ideologies that impair their ability to seek positive, consensual relationships, afraid of the dog whistling that results in a culture of pile on mentality that pushes them further into isolation and depression.

Bindel is not a victim.

Bindel is staring in the face of the consequences of her own actions and words that have created a toxic environment for transgender women for years. That accountability was not a violent pursuit, but an uncomfortable confrontation in which she seems to have sought justice on the lawless social media rather than a court of law.

Edinburgh University’s entire LGBT committee has resigned due to threats by the University leaders of revoking their rights to mailing lists if they protested the event despite their stance being one of defense of the trans identifying students who would endure the direct psychological and emotional implications of their very own school hosting such a contentious figure. In a committee resignation letter submitted to school administrators, they stated:

“We must be able to advocate for our membership, especially when one Group appears to be targeted.”

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Chasten Buttigieg’s Brother is a Trump Supporter out to Destroy Mayor Pete’s Bid For Presidency

Rhyan Glezman is the kind of opportunist that feels all to familiar.

We’ve often seen distant family members of celebrities suddenly rise to the surface for a bit of roll-off fame. It happened to Meghan Markle, whose mostly absent Father and Step-Sister desperately tried to mar her character when they discovered the actress was marrying the Prince of England. They went on a tour across two continents as they wallowed in the limelight, guzzling any attention on offer as they made the past of England’s future Duchess’s public business.


Rhyan Glezman is cut from that same cloth. Glezman is the brother of Presidential candidate Pete Buttigeig’s husband, Chasten. He appeared on FOX News recently with host Laura Ingraham to make the claim that Chasten has been telling porkies about his past, and of course that means Glezman, a born again christian Pastor, must set the record straight… live on the most hostile, homophobic network on television, and to a talk show host that has attacked the LGBT community, the immigrant community and, well, basically anyone who isn’t white, straight, cisgender and male.

That’s right: FOX News. The irony here, in a strange twist of fate, Ingraham’s own brother is gay and has publicly denounced her hateful rhetoric, dubbing her “A monster.”

Maybe this sit down between Ingraham and Glezman was a perfect pairing after all.

Glezman maintained not a shred of emotion as he accused his newly famous brother of mischaracterizing his family and the conditions of his upbringing to harvest political favor.

Chasten shared some of his coming out journey during a speech at an HRC Gala; “When I was 18-years-old I worked up the courage to tell my parents that I was gay. And while we have a great relationship now, back then things weren’t easy,” he said.

And that’s true. His Mother and Father often travel with Chasten to events around the country… so here I am, waiting for the lie that the big bad big brother insists he expose…

Chasten is the youngest son of three boys who grew up far away from the political spectacles of Washington DC; Instead he was brought up in a working-class family in Traverse City, Michigan.

He remained closeted throughout school, but came out the summer after his high school graduation. Upon telling his family that he was gay, Chasten faced a consequence that so many LGBTQ youth fear the most as a result- rejection.

He left home soon after, sleeping in his car and staying with friends off and on until his Mother reached out for reconciliation and invited him back into the family home, much to the protest of Chasten’s two older brothers who still refuse to acknowledge him. I’m sure these two make family holidays an absolute joy.

The Glezman Brothers remind me of the wicked Stepsisters from Disney’s Cinderella. They’re enraged that their lowly gay brother, who is far less qualified than them for God’s blessings, has wormed his way into such a high profile position and has the nerve to talk about the faith that they claim ownership of.

Those poor, pitiful Glezman brothers.

While Chasten and his Parents have made amends, oldest brother Rhyan is determined to put a dent in Mayor Pete’s Presidential bid by using Chasten- and his religion- to vilify the couple.

The problem with Christians like Rhyan is that they equate hate slinging with the love of Jesus that only they have the power to bestow. It is a holy commodity reserved explicitly for themselves, and those they deem worthy enough to share it with. They think their hate is love and their betrayal of family or a loved one is sanctioned, nay necessary to maintain status with the guy in the sky. He also plans to ride the coattails of Chasten’s newly discovered fame… by denying being exactly who Rhyan, himself, has demonstrated himself to be. A fame chasing bigot.

You ever notice how these people loathe being called a bigot? All of them. It’s quite bizarre how truly sensitive the men and women who shout words I wouldn’t even type at two men holding hands somehow take umbrage with being labeled a bigot. Racists hate being called racists. TERFs hate being called TERFs… there’s a theme here.

Saddest of all is how smug Rhyan Glezman is, when asked if he would vote for his brother’s husband in an election, sat back, smirked, folded his hands and said…

“Trump 2020.”

In that moment, my heart broke for Chasten Buttigeig and his brother hyan showed his entire hand. I realized that the world now knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that his Brothers are hypocritical fanatics who would rather him fail than succeed and only because they think his difference in belief renders him undeserving of happiness or success… Certainly when up against the paragon of virtue that is president pussy-grabber, repeat adulterer, hush money payments to porn star paying, disability mocking, calls Nazi’s some “Fine people” while branding Mexicans rapists and murders…. this is preferred over his own Brothers, and all because he happens to be gay.

How many of us see ourselves in this story- a family that wants us to lose and laughs when we fall? That’s if they bother to stick around long enough to see where you fall. Many simply opt for a one way ticket out of our lives, and they do so in the Name of Christ. Oddly, when success or attention is found, those same family members suddenly find a revolving door to either reopen the wounds the left you to lick, or to pretend they’re anxious to help when they really just plan to sell stories about you to the media or leverage your desire for their acceptance and distort it for their own benefit. If they aren’t getting something out of it, they don’t usually stick around.

So Christian of them.

Thankfully, not all Christians subscribe to this practice, just my own family, and clearly Chasten Buttigeig’s and maybe yours, too. However, there is a faction of Christians out there that have actually read the Bible and practice what it preaches without demanding you do the same, or denouncing your existence if you don’t think like they do, believe like they do, behave like they think you should… some Christians are more worried about the quality of their own lives and relationship with Christ than they are yours… I say that like it’s uncommon, maybe it’s not, but I’m still surprised when I meet a Christian willing to mind their own damn business.

It will be painful for those of us who have had a relationship with familial rejection to watch the Glezman Brothers campaign against their youngest brother and attempt to malign the efforts of he and his Husband, claiming it’s the Christian thing to do. So many of us have had the name of Christ weaponized against us, but it’s hard to watch it happen to someone who should be on top of the world and anxious to change it for the better. Watching their very own family come from the sidelines with a trip wire out of sheer jealousy is unsettling, at best.

No one knows that disheartening reality more than the LGBT community.

Fortunately, Chasten seems to have managed to maintain strong relationships with both his Mother and Father, as he recently tweeted:

This all makes big brother Glezman’s accusation of Chasten manufacturing stories about his youth less likely to be fiction, and more likely a glaring indication that Glezman is wholly consumed by his own bitterness and resents that his gay brother turned out okay and, despite a period of struggle, kept the ties that bind him and his parents in tact. Clearly Glezman doesn’t believe Chasten deserves the same kind of happiness that he himself enjoys with his wife… just don’t call him a bigot.

However, he may be a liar for claiming his brother virtually made up the trials of his past for if he were telling the truth himself, he would have had support from others in his declaration that Chasten “Had it easy.”

Right Rhyan, you seem like the kind of guy who would have made your young gay brother’s life pleasant- and the fact that you’ve alienated him and refused to associate with him for years now doesn’t really make you the most reliable resource for information regarding Chasten or Pete. No one is stepping forward to substantiate your claims that Chasten has lied for political favor, not even your own Mom or Dad…

Terry Glezman, Chasten Glezman Buttigieg, and Sherri Glezman overcame initial struggles with their youngest sons sexuality and went on to share his special day with him.

In fact, Chasten’s Mom and Dad seem to be simply celebrating the prospects of their Sons political future even as their two older sons stew in their own self righteous, hyper religious rage, angrily brandishing their Trump bumper stickers and MAGA hats.

Hey Chasten, knowing you’ve had to deal with Brothers like this, I imagine no enemy you’ll meet on the pathway to the White House will ever shake your foundation. Thanks for telling your story, it is one we all need to hear.

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Donald Trump Uploads Heavily Doctored Video of Nancy Pelosi to Mock Her

“I am an extremely stable genius,” Trump boasted after attacking the Speaker of the House of Representatives for the third time in a single day.

Once upon a time, back in UsualWorld, the Speaker and the President would traditionally meet to talk about some of our nations biggest obstacles and address the needs of the American people. The relationship between a President and the Speaker, historically, is usually pleasantly symbiotic. That’s not the case with this administration.

While it might have taken Trump three years to find enough loathing for his Democrat sparring partner to issue her one of his hurdy gurdy nickname insults, he finally anointed her with one: Crazy Nancy

“Crazy Nancy, she’s a mess!” Trump seethed, right after telling thirty reporters how calm and polite he was- a genius, after all.

It was all came untethered when Trump and Pelosi decided to meet at his office to discuss the matter of infrastructure. On her way to the meeting, she was stopped by reporters and asked that inescapable question: Impeachment?

As she zipped by on her way to have a sit down with the President in his office, she replied, “We do believe that it’s important to follow the facts,” the California Democrat said. “We believe that no one is above the law, including the president of the United States. And we believe that the president of the United States is engaged in a cover-up.”

REMINDER: She’s going to sit down with him in 2.3 minutes.

When she enters the room, the President has already been briefed on her statement to the press outside. Suddenly, the topic of infrastructure was the last thing on anyone’s mind. Trump allegedly yelled at the Speaker insisting that he was ceasing work with all democrats moving forward. It sounds like a huge, terrible threat, but factually speaking, Republicans have blocked every democratic bill delivered to the senate floor. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell nicknamed himself “The Grim Reaper” vowing to “Kill all Dem bills.” Suffice it to say, the Republicans haven’t been willing to get into the playground sandbox with the other kids for the good of the nation anyway.

Trump had, what Pelosi described as a tantrum. He threatened to hold the entire body of congress hostage unless she closed all investigations involving him being conducted by various government committees. Essentially, the President blackmailed Nancy Pelosi in broad daylight and with no Soprano’s style soundtrack playing in the background for mood.

Pelosi refused.

So, Trump stomped all the way to the Rose Garden for a hilarious 20 minute long impromptu chinwag with his favorite people. The media. He begins by condemning the Mueller investigation and, staying on brand for his base, spat out the words “Witch Hunt” three times! He kept pointing at a card propped up on his podium that displayed the amount of money Americans have spent on the Mueller investigation, as well as a few other, shall we say, “Alt-Factids” for the bible belt who take his word as gospel.

In a matter of seconds, every single news outlet, except Fox News, were able to pull out the receipts and catch The Don in yet another lie-laden speech where he just makes it up as he goes along. He reads from a few notes scrawled on paper so he remembers to stay on point. “The Democrats are evil! They want to take down your great president!” Nobody screamed… at least not in the Rose Garden, but I’m sure they did in North Carolina. I bet you could hear those woman-hating southern conservatives howling like dogs for miles.

A photographer caught a snap of Donald’s notes. As expected, it looked to be written in sharpie, and anything with more than two syllables was misspelled.

Just to make sure that all of his non-truths hit a home run with his fans, for the first time since being elected President, the official twitter account belonging to The White House, not Donald Trump who uses his personal twitter account, tweeted a macabre tweet, borrowing words from the language of Trumpism… “Witch Hunt!”

After whining in the Rose Garden, he clearly hoped things might take a better.turn on the White House front steps. He swung around the building, positioned himself in front of two white guys in cowboy hats as if he were at a Village People Reunion, and started it all over again.


He stands there, snorting gruffly through his nose like he’s trying to catch an idea, and then announces that due to the tariff war he’s locked us into with China, Farmers who are suffering tremendous losses of income will get a 16 billion dollar bailout as a courtesy. Trump goes on to lie again, claiming China will pay the tarrifs, not the American people.

Right, just like Mexico was going to build your vanity wall, Sir?

If you know anything about economics, you understand that the higher the cost of imports for things used in every industry, the higher the price will be at the end of the food chain. To compensate for the tariffs, China will just tack on 15%-25% more to cover their own costs. The buyer is paying that… the industries who sell to us… so they have to hike up the price even more to break even- and then again to profit. Say it with me now, “When they pay more, you pay more at the store.” Turn it into a song if you have to. At least it’s the truth.

Trump continued dragging his tongue through the mud as he lied about Pelosi’s insinuation that he had “engaged in a cover-up.”

Get ready for this, dear reader, hope you’re sitting down.

Trump said smugly, “I don’t do cover-up’s!” WHOA! that’s a whopper!

Maybe someone needs to remind him about the hush money payments made to Stormy Daniels that he first claimed to know nothing about only to later admit it was him (And his then-attorney, the now-incarcerated Michael Cohen.) That was a cover up.

The guy is a master of cover-ups. He didn’t write his own bestselling book, “The Art of The Deal.He faked bone spurs to dodge the draft so he wouldn’t have to enlist in military service. He even forged his own health records that he made public last year while exclaiming “I’m the healthiest President in History!” Yeah, only to have his own doctor crawl out of the woodwork to let us know that Trump authored his own medical records.

There’s still the secret hour long meeting with Putin that went on behind closed doors with none of his council or advisers allowed in- only an interpreter. He refuses to provide details of what was discussed but would only say, “Putin said he didn’t do any hacking and I believe him.” Indeed, despite mountains of evidence collected by 17 different intelligence agencies, including the Department of Justice ad the CIA, Putin was the only truth-teller. The rest are lying.

True to form, whatever bile oozes from his mouth, his followers snort and roll around in like a bunch of kittens in a catnip patch.

Because Trump just couldn’t go to bed on a high note, he enlisted the help of someone to edit a video of Pelosi’s conference- which had been broadcast live on every network- and slow it down considerably. He edited out her statements and made her appear to be confused and disoriented. Satisfied with smearing the 79 year old House Speaker, he uploaded it to his twitter, where his son Donald Jr. proceeded to share it, along with White House Staffers. To be fair, it was 3am, he probably ran like a huffalump down the White House Halls demanding they all get up and share his magnum opus immediately. Genius.

Anyone who watched the actual conference just 6 hours previously knows that it’s fake… once again, it aired live, and he is grossly misrepresenting it in order to not #BeBested by his rival for accusing him of engaging in a cover up. So, he made her look incompetent, sound incoherent and shake like she was about to shimmy into an early grave.

The saddest part about this remains rooted, not in the ridiculousness of the entire theater, but that the President of The United States has this engineered, and he uploaded it himself to his own twitter. It wasn’t just a trolling retweet. This was a targeted attack on a high ranking member of congress, and it was done out of spite. Because his feelings were hurt.

But for a moment, let’s pretend the video was not fact, and we millions who watched it yesterday afternoon saw this frail, wobbly old woman slurring her words and unable to communicate. I think most of America would have been alarmed. Is she having a stroke? Is this a diabetic episode? The Nancy Pelosi we know is as bright as the clothes she wears, she’s quick witted, a well versed, heavily experienced speaker. I’d think even the press might have summoned an ambulance for her if this actually happened.

But it did not.

Trump made another horrible misstep in trying to mock a woman based on her age. He made up disabilities for her to have, because Trump gets a kick out of making fun of disabled people, especially his critics. He’s done it before. He did this for his base, who will now, with their incredible hive mind superpower, absorb by osmosis these “Truths” no matter the evidence to the contrary. He is their shepherd. They are his flock. That’s not a relationship I want to examine further because it terrifying- like Jim Jones terrifying.

One must wonder now if the Man-Child President who constantly brags about his high IQ is smart enough to realize that he’s committed some serious ethics violations here. Attacking a member of congress using the power of your seat before an audience of millions by creating a false narrative implying she is mentally impaired is the lowest Trump has gone yet…

And I still don’t think he’s hit rock bottom.

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Mitch McConnell Vows to Strike Down Equality Act

People around the country are celebrating a bill that will be dead on arrival.

When the Equality Bill passed in the House of Representatives, liberal media lit up, posting rainbow flag, photos of people cheering and reveling in the fact that, like almost every other civilized country, the USA would follow suit by introducing our very own Equality Act which would prevent LGBTQ+ people from discrimination. It would make it illegal to fire someone, deny them housing, access to education, public accommodations, federal funding or credit/loans or adoption options based on their sexual orientation or gender status. It would protect LGBTQ+ Americans from being unjustly targeted in any industry or from any service based solely on their identity. The UK has had an Equality act since 2010, suffice it to say, America is a little behind.

But, as the media rejoiced upon the passage of the bill through the House of Representatives, which is majority Democrat, it seems they forgot that every bill they pass must, consequentially, be ratified by Senate… a Republican majority, deeply conservative Senate.

Senate Majority leader, Mitch McConnell recently dubbed himself the “Grim Reaper” post mid-term elections, after Democrats took control of the House of Representatives in 2018. Explaining further, he vowed to obstruct any bill from the House that landed on the floor of Senate, purely out of spite. This is his blatant retaliation against the freshmen Democrats who swept the elections, effectively unseating dozens of Republicans and changing the balance of power.

Yet, the House of Representatives remain at the mercy of McConnell and the whole of the Republican Senate who aren’t interested in the betterment of America or the lives of their constituents, but instead, wielding their power like a sword of vengeance to assert their control and preserve their superiority while setting aside constitutional integrity to protect the President.

We will see Roe vs. Wade, which protected women’s right to agency over their own reproductive decisions instituted in 1973, be uniformly overturned by the Conservative Supreme Court. This will set women’s liberties and progress back forty years. Trump promised to do this during his campaign and, since his election win, has had the privilege of appointing 2 new hyper-conservative Supreme Court Judges, Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh, as well as over 100 judges in lower districts. The reason Alabama, Ohio, Tennessee and Georgia introduced these new bills now is not a mere coincidence. They’ve been biding their time for Senate and the Supreme court to align politically and thus take a shape that would indisputably reflect their narrow world view.

Now is their opportunity to strike.

Up next on the Conservative agenda is the overturning of the landmark ruling Brown vs The Board Of Education, established by the Supreme Court in 1965 that ended the segregation of people of color from all-white schools. Given the radical extremism of Conservatives serving in Senate and on the highest benches of law who have demonstrated an oath to Trump over the US constitution, as well as the heightened social extremism and emboldened bigotry running rampant, the suggestion to reconsider segregating people of color from whites is already being tossed around by lawmakers.

Overturning Roe vs. Wade is their test bed. They know if they can succeed with obliterating a 40 year old ruling, all the other Supreme Court Rulings throughout history that ensure social equality or protect minorities from discrimination is fair game.

They’re willing to re-litigate historic rulings to manifest a new America that solely reflects and serves those on Capitol Hill and their most radical loyalists. Wealthy, white, straight, cisgender men who are exhibiting a desire for control over the rest of society by weaponizing our own legal system against us… making certain the system intended to protect us no longer works for us.

They already doing this.

On Monday, The US Supreme Court made the shocking ruling that overturned the 1979 case of Franchise Tax Board of California v. Hyatt. Every conservative Judge on the bench effectively threw out the law that asserted that states do not hold sovereign immunity from courts in other states.

Other landmark cases in Republican crosshairs? Marriage Equality that allows LGBTQ Americans the right to marry a same-sex partner. Conservative Senators believe this will be easy to pick off. In fact, conservative lawmakers in Tennessee have started the ball rolling on redacting Gay Marriage rights.

All of this follows the new rulings that allow medical caregivers to legally deny LGBTQ+ Americans the right to lifesaving treatment citing moral or religious convictions without legal consequence.

When Senate shoots down the Equality act, LGBT Americans will be devastated, but knowledge is power. You must expect this; Don’t develop false hope. Expect it instead so that you may steel yourself from the tragic impact of seeing our existence, once again, be debated by those who will never allow us to be equal.

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