Model Munroe Bergdorf Sees Partnership with Children’s Service Ruined by Transphobic Times…

Model Munroe Bergdorf Sees Partnership with Children’s Service Ruined by Transphobic Times Journalist

Janice Turner campaigned to have the transgender model removed from the campaign advocating child safety by falsely claiming she is a porn star.

I’ve had my fair share of dueling with The Times over their blatant and aggressive transphobic views that they place into circulation. Debbie Hayton, a transgender woman who opposes transgender women —

you probably need to read that again, I’ll wait….

Debbie Hayton, a transgender woman who writes weekly columns for The Times in which she declares her loyalty to hate groups like Mumsnet, accuses transgender women of being violent and argues that we should not be allowed to self-ID, medically support transgender children or be allowed in women’s spaces is the tent-pole of The Time transphobia. They use her to validate their hate and believe if transphobia comes from Hayton instead of a cisgender writer, more people will consume it. Of course, Hayton has been hailed as a “Common sense” trans person, although the fanbase she has aggregated still loathe her existence but merely tolerate her as long as she continues to espouse hatred from within her own community.

Sadly, Debbie is just one weapon in their arsenal of journalists whose bias is evident on every page. In April, The Times was slammed by Trans activists for publishing four extremely transphobic articles, back to back, targeting transgender youth. One such article deemed trans children an “Experiment” just days after a trans child had been beaten and left with a concussion.

Katherine O’Donnell, a former editor of the Scottish edition of the Times, sued the publication for discrimination. O’Donnell, who worked for The Times for over 14 years, had recently transitioned when she suddenly found herself the subject of bullying and harassment while refused access to promotions and pay increase opportunities. She disclosed to Buzzfeed the terrifying rhetoric toward transgender subjects of their reporting, including blaming victims of murder for their “Lifestyle choice.”

This is echoed in how The Times has given seemingly infinite column space to anyone willing to characterize the transgender community as dangerous, oppressive, threatening to women or the rights of others. It is hate-speech parading as legitimate news.

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This is just a modest sampling of the content that The Times publishes.

It shouldn’t have come as a surprise when transphobic Times journalist Janice Turner, attacked the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC) for enlisting the help of Munroe Bergdorf, a leading activist with an enormously successful career, to join their awareness initiative. Bergdorf, the first trans model to grace a L’Oreal campaign, speaks openly, honestly and without apologizing. To have a transwoman of color possess such a platform and use it to speak truth to power is vital in this era of rampant racism and deadly transphobia. Across the UK recently, trans children have come under attack by many high profile commentators across social media. Pseudo celebrities who accrue millions of followers by creating social discord that encourages violence toward their target, usually a minority. Graham Lineham spearheaded a movement that cruelly attempted to block £500,000 in funding by the British National Lottery to Mermaids, a charity that helps trans children and their families. We need people who will contrast this hatred. Munroe Bergdorf is the perfect candidate

She’s a role model.

Except, Times writer Janice Turner would prefer you to believe she is a “porn model” instead.

Janice Turner also dedicates much of her own social media to fostering intolerance toward LGBTQ people and disparages corporations or companies that support the community:

When the NSPCC solicited the help of Bergdorf to create a campaign that broadened the scope of their efforts to visibly include LGBTQ children in their services and messaging, it seemed like the perfect fit. According to Bergdorf, they filmed and photographed promotional material which NSPCC had published…

… Until they unceremoniously severed ties with the model after Turner blew a dog whistle that resulted in waves unnecessary outrage. She achieved this by lying. Bergdorf has never done porn and defended herself on on twitter;

In response, the NSPCC wrote a scathing statement regarding their relationship with Bergdorf, assuring critics that “She will have no ongoing relationship with Childline or the NSPCC.” They go on to say that they “Do not support, endorse or authorize any personal statements made by any celebrities who contribute to campaigns.

Bizarrely, they make it sound as if Bergdorf committed some horrible trespass or somehow brought shame or embarrassment to the campaign and organizations involved. Except she didn’t. Their entire rebuttal is framed as damage control while throwing Bergdorf under the bus… and all this because of The Times journalist and her public transgender tantrum.

To be clear, the safety and security of children is paramount, including those kids who don’t fit into the personal world view of Janice Turner, Debbie Hayton or The Times, but that seems to be the only ones who NSPCC is willing to readily serve for fear of risking retaliation by these bigots with a byline. But, central to this issue isn’t the bigotry demonstrated by the Times. That’s been ongoing relentlessly for years. It isn’t the grotesque, humiliating treatment of Munroe Bergdorf whose intentions to support the campaign have been distorted and her involvement maligned.

It is the children.

The children who deserve protection and advocacy whether they are gay, lesbian, bisexual, questioning or transgender. These are the most vulnerable to social violence and family abuse. Equal representation of all types of people in this diverse world gives these children a reflection of themselves. The value of having access to someone who looks like you, has shared similar experiences or simply gives a word of encouragement is valuable to those who feel alone, isolated and alienated, often having been vilified even before puberty by the Janice Turners and Debbie Haytons of the world.

I appreciate the support NSPCC provides to children, but after this, I cannot, with any confidence, give the many families, teenagers and parents of trans children that I interface with any assurance that they will not experience discrimination while in their care. How they have misrepresented a transgender woman, their relationship and withdrew their support when challenged by perpetrators of hate provides no service to kids. Or anyone.

But it certainly makes clear where they stand.

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