Anti Trans Radical Feminist Julie Bindel Accuses A Trans Person of Assault

Julie Bindel has made a successful career of demonizing transgender women across the entire United Kingdom.

In fact, she has previously been banned from speaking at the University of Manchester due to the hateful rhetoric that she routinely espouses toward the transgender community, mostly transwomen who she aggressively opposes their participation in the feminist movement and refers to as “Men disposing of their genitals.”

It was after a speaking engagement at Edinburgh University that Bindel alleges the sudden and violent attack on her person took place by a transgender woman, Cathy Brennan. Bindel characterized the altercation by saying: “He ran right at me, was inches away from me. His fists were raised and his face was twisted with hatred and anger,” Bindel told The Londoner.

However, problems immediately arose regarding the credibility of Bindel’s story. First she alleged the attack happened at the airport. She did leave the speaking engagement 10 minutes early, according to several accounts, to catch a plane. However, she corrected that later, claiming it happened outside the University, not the airport, and her initial tweet had been a typo.

Bindel claims crowds had gathered outside the building to protest her participation in the event. Even prior to her arrival, members of the student community and staff had circulated a petition that amassed nearly 1,400 signatures condemning it as transphobic. Despite the controversy, the event took place at the Edinburgh University Moray House on June 5th. Bindel appeared as scheduled but asserts that the protesters had mostly cleared except for Brennan; “He was obviously waiting for me.

Bindel alleged that she had been “Physically attacked” by Brennan, but walked that back later, reframing it as a verbal assault and a “lunge” instead.

Cathy Brennan told a different story on twitter, confessing that she indeed “Lost her sh*t at JB (Julie Bindel)” and says that Bindel filmed her during the altercation. “She filmed me. I’m safe.”

A film has not yet surfaced.

Both Brennan and Bindel agree that Edinburgh University Security intervened but Brennan maintains she “…Did not raise a fist,” as Bindel accused. Brennan also admits she attempted to confront Bindel by “….push(ing) past security so I could speak face to face with a person who has caused great harm to trans people across this country.”

Bindel wouldn’t say whether she opted to file a report with authorities, telling Pink News, a popular LGBT News outlet instead, “I despise your woman-hating, anti-lesbian rag, and would rather give Donald Trump a massage than speak to you” when they sought clarification on her allegations.

Bindel did, however, take the matter to twitter, where she blew her dog whistle and sent the throngs of Anti-trans radical feminists who consume her hatred on a days long warpath against transgender women. They proceeded to harass, misgender and even declare transgender women responsible for ALL violence toward women.

The problem here doesn’t seem to be violence, as it appears none occurred. It does seem that Bindel was shouted at and verbally accosted- just like most transgender women are every single day, both in person and on social media. This observation is not to excuse Brennan, who, according to past tweets alleged to belong to her, has advocated for violence toward TERFs.

There is an ironic commonality between Bindel and Brennan.


Bindel, and others like her that have invested years challenging the existence of transgender women, dehumanizing them, accusing them of being impostors or sexually threatening toward women and even attempting to erase lesbianism are responsible for radicalizing those fighting against that grotesque characterization and who experience trauma as a result. The rise in transgender targeted harassment and vilification has eroded the mental health of many trans people who feel defenseless against the lies and misinformation espoused by radicals who aggregate large audiences that consume their bias and bigotry as gospel. It results in transgender people feeling isolated, unsafe and angry- Bizarrely, the same emotional consequence that Bindel claims to have had as a result of transwomen existing in her space… and even cisgender men who she has said she wants to see locked away in concentration camps…

Bindel wants to encourage her base to deny transgender women the right to thrive as they are.

Transwomen want Bindel to leave them alone instead of launching a constant barrage of baseless, unprovoked attacks that impact their safety and health as she tours the country in an effort to weaponize the law and influence greater society against them to suit her narrow world view.

Bindel also weaponizes her sexual identity to malign transgender women who also identify as lesbian by denying them the right to declare their own orientation. She dubs any critics and those who accept transwomen as lesbians as “Lesbian hating” and postures herself as a representative and defender of all lesbians while convincing them that they’re all at risk or in immediate danger due to Transgender women having equal rights. She incites unnecessary panic and inevitably causes more transwomen to be harassed and abused.

Let’s be clear, Bindel was not confronted because she is a lesbian and those who make inquiry into her claims are not misogynistic or homophobic. Her sexuality is altogether irrelevant. The truth of what occurred is, since violence is a crime, is massively relevant.

Contrastly, so is her dangerous rhetoric that incites violence toward transwomen — because they are trans — that is relevant. The fact that she was attacked, if indeed she was must be addressed. But, that she so heavily emphasizes her own sexual orientation or the gender identity of the transwoman she accuses demonstrates a greater agenda than simply holding an assailant accountable for violence. Bindel was attempting leverage this, true or not, as an opportunity to stir even more ire toward the transgender community.

While violence is never an acceptable means of resolve, it would be negligent to pretend that we don’t know how we got to this place of such discord. According to Reuters, hate crimes against the LGBT community have risen 28% since 2017. Despite pushback from a younger, more progressive generation, paragons of anti-trans hate keep rising to national attention.

In Washington D.C., British Anti-Trans activist Posey Parker stormed into the offices of Sarah McBride, the National Press Secretary for the Human Rights Campaign. They intimidated her, accused her of atrocious acts and forced a camera into her face. McBride responded;

McBride’s attacker is still campaigning across the UK and Ireland to encourage others to reject transgender women — and even worse, to deny trans children access to medical care.

The rhetoric is not new, but instead, sadly, more amplified than ever before. Bindel is not alone, entire organizations like Womens Place UK devote large sums of money to anti-trans initiatives and frame their efforts as protecting women against abuse and sex discrimination… by manufacturing the myth that it is perpetuated by transgender women. Their primary target and exhaustive talking point is discrediting transwomen as women and, like Bindel, claiming the existence of transgender people threatens them or makes them vulnerable to sexual assault. It’s a reach, certainly, but they’ve scared enough women into aligning themselves with their mission by misleading them into the belief that Transwomen want to rape them.

This is our sad reality as transgender women. While I will never defend violence and am given hope by the fact that I am fortunate enough to have many kind, accepting lesbian friends who I celebrate, I know that far too many transwomen are afraid of TERFs, afraid of being labeled misogynist if they defend themselves against hatred, afraid of being deemed homophobic if they reject ideologies that impair their ability to seek positive, consensual relationships, afraid of the dog whistling that results in a culture of pile on mentality that pushes them further into isolation and depression.

Bindel is not a victim.

Bindel is staring in the face of the consequences of her own actions and words that have created a toxic environment for transgender women for years. That accountability was not a violent pursuit, but an uncomfortable confrontation in which she seems to have sought justice on the lawless social media rather than a court of law.

Edinburgh University’s entire LGBT committee has resigned due to threats by the University leaders of revoking their rights to mailing lists if they protested the event despite their stance being one of defense of the trans identifying students who would endure the direct psychological and emotional implications of their very own school hosting such a contentious figure. In a committee resignation letter submitted to school administrators, they stated:

“We must be able to advocate for our membership, especially when one Group appears to be targeted.”

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