Where Hollywood Draws The Line: The Transgender Love Story

There is an urban legend wherein, allegedly, the adult film industry has patently refused to create one type of pornography. Now, this is a market that does x-rated spoofs of everything from “The Simpsons” to O.J. Simpson with explicit, unapologetic satire. There’s pretty much no stone left unturned in the genre of porn; unless you consider the myth that is “Gay Little Person Porn.” (I find the word m*dget degrading to those of who suffers any number of conditions, usually from birth, that halt the expected growth process.) Some medical journals classify it as “Dwarfism,” which is, presumably more acceptable in our elevated politically correct climate than calling a person a “M*dget.” But, I digress.

Porn, specifically gay porn featuring male little people does not exist. Lesbian and straight porn featuring little people exists in volumes. The fact that no studio has produced porn starring gay men of this ilk is so well know that, that it’s become a famous euphemism. It’s like the Unicorn of porn.

Mainstream Hollywood has it’s own Unicorn parallel. The Transgender love story. To clarify further; A film in which one or both protagonists are Transgender, where the story arc does not involve a struggle with accepting ones Trans status, or feature a self loathing Trans character, or a Trans character that is not a prostitute or a serial killer or a comedic prop. It has never happened.

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Aging and Transgender: What Happens To Those Who Age Out Of Activism

While it’s true that some Transgender and gender diverse people have children or families, a great number of us do not. In fact, the more common experience of the younger Trans person is one of familial rejection. In America, 40% of the homeless youth served by shelters and support agencies identify as LGBT. When you consider that LGBT youth represent only about 7% of the total youth population, the statistics are alarmingly and disproportionately high.

Data: National Survey of Service Providers

In these circumstances, many LGBT people end up creating self-made families when we are abandoned by our own. I am one of those people. There are others, however, who slip into isolation, specifically those struggling with mental illness which prevents them from developing long term friendships or nurturing intimate relationships. Because of this, aging Transgender identifying men and women often end up unwed, childless and alone.

Maggie is a 62 years old Trans woman from New Jersey. She does not have children and was never married. “To the world I was always just gay. I was an effeminate boy, but I knew I was a little girl.”

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Two-Spirit Author Joshua Whitehead Withdraws from Lambda Literary Awards Shortlist

Joshua Whitehead’s book of poetry, “Full-Metal Indigiqueer” had been shortlisted for this years esteemed Lambda Literary award for Transgender poetry. Whitehead, who describes himself as “An Oji-Cree, Two-Spirit storyteller and academic,” hales from Peguis First Nation on Treaty 1 territory in Manitoba. Peguis First Nation is the largest First Nations community in Manitoba, Canada. He is currently working toward a Ph.D. in Indigenous literature and cultures at the University of Calgary on Treaty 7 territory.

Joshua Whitead

His withdraw from the shortlist of the Lambda Literary Award for Trans Poetry was announced March 14th, much to the surprise of the writing community. His reasoning was given in a lengthy letter posted on website of The Insurgent Architects’ House for Creative Writing (TIA House) at the University of Calgary.

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A Simple Guide To Interacting With Trans* People

A Simple Guide To Interacting With transpeople

It’s not that hard.

You might think it is. The truth is, so many people have stood in front of me, with the fidget spinner planted firmly between their fingers, rocking back and forth awkwardly on their feet and said; “I don’t want to say the wrong thing.

While I appreciate the effort, there no logical reason or excuse, as to why someone would say the wrong thing. We’re meeting in a social space, typically, and unless your question has less to do with what I do for a living, or if I’m married- really any polite conversation- and more to do with a blatant curiosity about what’s in my pants, then you’re not looking at me as a person. Instead you’re looking at me like a spectator at the zoo, and I’m on display. Unfortunately my keeper ran out of the information pamphlets that I usually hand out to avoid such face-to-face buzzfeed quizzes on my gender and presentation.

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Trans Activist and Pioneer Andrea James Offers Important Advice To Trans* Americans

Andrea James and James St. James © WoWPresents

Andrea James is one of my favorite figures in activism and media. She is one of the first Trans women that I became aware of, back in my formative years, clumsily feeling my way through my identity. The reason she’s always resonated with me is her ability to speak without being condescending or randomly spewing forth inspirational quotes like Bob Ross painting “Happy Trees.” She could though, and I’d be fine with it. I love Bob Ross. However, her activism wasn’t limited to college speaking tours or writing books, but in shaping the way Trans people are represented in media- often by self producing content accessible to Trans identifying audiences across the spectrum.

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Separating Allies From The All-Lies: When Angry Friends Weaponize Your Gender Status

Good day to you, Sir.

That was how the email ended.

It was from a friend, a gay man, who was very much aware of my Trans status and my basic pronouns. Beyond that, it was from someone I loved very much. You see, most Trans people keep a very small circle of friends. It’s as much about personal safety, emotional steeling and simplifying an otherwise incredibly chaotic life as personal preference. When you have everyone from lawmakers to evangelists throwing bricks at you from high windows, it hurts. So, naturally, it’s important to have stability in your relationships; people you can trust to remain in your corner as you dodge those missiles. Those people can be hard to find.

It’s easy for people, typically, to feign acceptance. To smile to your face, and feebly shake your hand before turning around and spewing venom, or using you for the comedic relief of their own friends. That’s why friendship is a cautionary tale if you’re a transgender or non-conforming individual.

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How and Why I Found Forgiveness For Caitlyn Jenner

Caitlyn Jenner reveals her Transition on the cover of Vanity Fair

My opinion of Caitlyn Jenner has been one of much dissent. From the moment she appeared on the cover of Vanity Fair, I championed her bravery and commended her for being, historically, one of the first highly visible trans women to share her journey with the world at large as it happened. The first time she uttered her name before millions of viewers, she became a cultural phenomenon, skyrocketing into the stratosphere of celebrity the likes only her children had seen previously. I was not necessarily a “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” fan and had admittedly only seen a few episodes over the years. However, one thing was clear, Bruce, the family patriarch, was often chided when he spoke, and left sulking quietly in the shadow of the monolithic fame the Kardashian’s had accrued.

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The Heartbreaking Return of 80’s Icon “Roseanne” as a Trump Supporter

Roseanne Reboot, 2018 © ABC

When Roseanne premiered in 1988, the world was a much different place and television itself was a totally different beast. The 80’s were rife with television dramas and comedies revolving around the lives of the filthy rich and unimaginably privileged. It was a portal that viewers turned on in order to imagine themselves in a better life… whether getting into pool fights while wearing haute couture in Dynasty, or being shuttled around in a stretch limo from a mansion perched upon a thousand acres in Dallas, or dealing with basic, self created drama in Falcon Crest and Knots Landing. There was also the quirky Nephew adapting to the difficult life in a Bel Air estate in Fresh Prince of Bel Air, and the family living in San Francisco’s elite Alamo Square Park, lined by a row of colorful townhouses affectionately deemed The Painted Ladies. That was Full House.

But, ABC caught lightning in a bottle when they situated a small, half hour comedy into their Tuesday night lineup. It starred a notoriously foul mouthed and brash working class circuit comedian who most considered ‘low brow’ simply because she acted and spoke as confidently as any male comedian. Roseanne Barr paid her dues, both in the entertainment industry that stifled women comedians, and in her real life.

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Thousands of Stories Encompassed in the #metoo Movement Are Not Being Told

The #metoo movement has been a liberating step forward for women around the world as we finally force the male dominated society to take their foot off the backs of our necks, and their hands out of our pants. As grateful as I am for it, suffice it to say, it was long overdue. The powerful message behind #metoo and it’s sister #TimesUp have restored sovereignty to women both in the workplace and in other social environments.

Unfortunately, a lot of stories are not being told.

Let’s start with a fact:

The 2015 U.S. Transgender Survey found that 47% — Almost half of ALL transgender of people — are sexually assaulted at some point in their lifetime.

The rates of sexual assault among Transgender people of color are even worse; American Indian (65%), multiracial (59%), Middle Eastern (58%), and Black (53%) respondents of the 2015 U.S. Transgender Survey reported having been sexually assaulted in their lifetime.

There are also alarmingly higher rates of sexual assault against bisexual women and lesbians compared to heterosexual women.

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